Redfin Report for San Francisco

Not that we’re suddenly an advocate for Redfin, although we do applaud innovation and entrepreneurship, but when readers ask, we do our best to answer.

“Marlow Harris” asked on our Redfin reboots… post:

In July, you wrote that they [Redfin] had about 15 closed sales in the SF area.

Have they had any more in the last 4 months? If so, what was the average price?

We got this reply from Cynthia Pang at Redfin:

I assume you are looking for SF area only – more than 150 closed deals.

So how many of those have happened in the last 4 months? Well…we don’t know and we just don’t feel like digging much deeper, but maybe someone else can, or maybe someone at Redfin would care to elaborate.

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