Time: 20:05 on 10/30/2007. If you plan on living in San Francisco, get used to quakes. That one literally happened seconds ago (in the middle of posting), and it happens all the time. Still rattles the nerves, no matter how many you’ve been through.


[Update at 20:24: And look at that, the quake site is already updated, and if you break it down further you see it was a magnitude 5.6 centered around San Jose, Milpitas, Alum Rock area. Wow! That site is real time! And that’s a serious quake.]

-In case you didn’t know, we have this site at your fingertips in the “sites of interest”.


  1. I felt that thing. It started with a long rattle, like there was a truck jack hammering outside, then a quick jolt, and swaying. I could here all the wood in my building cracking. I live on Jackson at Divisadero. I just moved here two years ago from Chicago. That was my first big one. Kind of scary to say the least.

    Kudos to posting it right after it happened. I don’t think sfgate even has it up yet.

    [Editor’s note: And kudos to you for reading, and commenting on our site in the midst of such drama. ;-) ]

  2. it was really scary here in south beach. our golden was literally howling on our patio beforehand to try and warn us. first time he’s done that. it rolled under us and then started up again. very scary!

  3. Felt it pretty good. I was on the phone looking at the MLS (go figure) and the computer monitor was shaking for about 5 seconds. My office is above the garage so I thought for a second it was the garage door. But then I felt this sort of rolling sensation too. And my house sits on rock. It was the biggest tremor I’ve felt in quite a while.

  4. if we keep babbling about this, please visit, bookmark and DO something about it


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  5. i wonder what it was like on top of one rincon hill last night? anyone cacheing that webcam?

    [Editor’s note: Which webcam? Please enlighten us.]

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