Tour de San Francisco (real estate)…Monterey Heights

They did it again. The crew at sfnewsletter (I am one of them) went down the coast of San Francisco to do, for you, another stage of their Tour de San Francisco (real estate): Monterey Heights edition. Check it out!


Tour de San Francisco (real estate) [sfnewsletter]

One thought on “Tour de San Francisco (real estate)…Monterey Heights

  1. I just discovered the Tour de San Francisco…. and have to say it’s AWESOME! I always had plans to do something like that myself, but as Robert Burns said, “The best plans of men and mice often go awry”. I think it applies to Realtors too! Anyhow… just wanted to send a “high-five” to the writers (and photographers) of the Tour de SF! You rock! :-)

    [Editor’s note: Thanks! You rock too for signing up for your very own sfnewsletter.]

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