Tiffany…you’re sooooo…in contract!? (95 Tiffany)

From kenny

“Wow. This one surprised me. 7 days on the market? On Tiffany? If this isn’t an indicator that many micro-markets are thriving — not just the especially well heeled neighborhoods — I don’t know what is. In the middle of this scare, Tiffany street commands this type of activity?”


Maybe it’s the green bathroom…just my two cents.

95 Tiffany [MLS]

10 thoughts on “Tiffany…you’re sooooo…in contract!? (95 Tiffany)

  1. It’ll be interesting to see what this fetches. I toured it last week and we were tempted to put in an offer but ultimately passed due to a few minuses (1 car parking with no room or apparent safety on the street, no windows in kitchen and no shower in the green bathroom and no desire to rip it apart to put one in).

    Nice place otherwise, though and just a few steps from the delicious Front Porch.

  2. Curious about the MLS photos: nice pictures of the house, and I like the idea of showing the neighborhood spots that you, the new homeowner, can walk to…but what’s up with that last photo showing the median strip that’s apparently a block away? Is there some benefit to not being able to turn left from 3 to 6 PM that makes this house a steal? “Honey, our kids will be safe every afternoon.” Is that it?

  3. god, what a dump…

    and what’s with that lay-in ceiling in the trailer trash kitchen?

    it’s not that great of a neighborhood..either..yet… still some bad “street” elements around. i can say this from experience in walking there from my house in noe valley (way up the hill) evening about to go to Blue Plate..was accosted and harassed by several latino teenage boys…until i pepper sprayed the assholes.

    be careful.

  4. First, apologies (and props) to anybody who has reclaimed a rundown house on Tiffany. I’m sure it’s possible. But I’ve been in more than a few because of where Tiffany lies. It’s a largely ungentrified street in the middle of “progress.” 29th street has really turned around in the last three years. I figured there was a play in there somewhere.

    However, each time I’ve walked away disappointed. Each property I’ve been over there has been seriously flawed. The lots are very shallow and small, the floorplans are all weird. They don’t have much southern exposure. There is no street life, it borders a hospital, it’s choked by thoroughfares, etc. So that’s why I did a double take when I saw 929K and 7 days!

    Of course, here we are again, with stocks tumbling. The beige book is going to be so illuminating, I’m sure! (Sarcasm) Does anybody find it interesting that equities and commodities traders take so much less heat than the real estate industry these days? Let’s be fair. This is down to the mortgage industry, really, which is not the same as real estate. Maybe it’s because traders are regulated.

  5. the house looks nice to me – i don’t see what part of it is a dump? yes, it’s not the best location but it’s not a gang infested area either. what’s so great about living in a predominantly white, uptight, pretentious neighborhood? i like the warmth and community feel of an ecclectic neighborhoods, especially one that is predominantly latino. Do you know that latinos are the happies people of all cultures? You know why, because they make due with what they have and are actually happy with it, not always wanting more or having the grass is greener attitude. Recently, i was accosted by several caucasian (unhappies ethnic group by the way- hmmm, i wonder why ) women in noe valley because i didn’t have designer jeans on…it was really scary. they even threatened to pepper spray me! be careful in noe – it’s a dangerous place!

  6. “latinos are the happies people of all cultures?” wow. You know the word Latino refers to about a million “cultures” right? And I’ll leave your other broad generalizations alone. Please, if you’re going to pull the PC card, at least do it with some credibility.

  7. GOOD comment kenny!

    not only can’t the poster spell correctly[Editor’s note: She’s hardly alone…I read spelling errors all day long in these comments, so let’s not focus on that.]..she continually makes broad generalizations and quite frankly…childish comments. [Editor’s note: To reiterate what I’ve said before…attack the concepts, comments, theories, opinions, etc., all you want…don’t attack the people. Do I need to get you all together for a cocktail…or 10, to see that we’re all good people with varying opinions? A nice stiff fresh lime margarita could do the trick. Salt or no salt…you tell me.]

    My previous post about the safety or lack thereof around the Tiffany Ave. area was serious and purely factual..with no racial intent implied.

  8. here’s one of many articles referencing the research:

    i prefer latinos over the term hispanic..sorry if i’m not up to your standards.

    as for your standards, maybe i’m not the greatest speller. the t in happiest was dropped off due to my, what a crime! i think the bigger issue is that you guys are just trolls looking to pick a fight. not only with me or with this posting, but i notice a general trend with you guys which is LAME!

    [Editor’s note: I’m leaving this up because you are obviously upset and I don’t feel right censoring your remarks. That’s not to say I like to see this type of conversation. People argue. It’s life. So vent. Get it off your chest.]

  9. What are you talking about? I just cut and pasted whatever you said. I could care less if folks make typos. People make typos. That wasn’t the point. How do you feel about my point? My point was that you went PC Policewoman on us, and you don’t really know what you’re saying. Latino is not a culture. Nor is hispanic. Afro-Cuban, Chicano — those would be cultures. Good luck avoiding those mean designer jeans ladies pepper spraying you in Noe.

    [Editor’s note: Same goes for you. Get it off your chest. I don’t agree with any of this conversation, but also don’t feel comfortable censoring it out. What’s a guy to do?!]

  10. “Do I need to get you all together for a cocktail…or 10, to see that we’re all good people with varying opinions?”

    watch your mouth -sorry- your fingers. I might force you to make us margaritas!

    not taking part of the debate, because I have not visited the house. I dont like the street – not for safety or mood or culturally inclined ethnic group (I think it’s comparable to streets around – not worse), but because of stupid street “dead-end” whatever mess they made there. Whenever I take the street to go to Safeway, I know I up my chances of road accident (including but not limited to people driving AGAINST traffic)

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