Orbitz, Travelocity, Hotwire? Nope, just a Realtor incentive.

From one Realtor to another, the incentives are there. You just need to know where to look, or hope this shows up in your email. We’re keeping anonymity on this, but putting it out there for your viewing pleasure. It is not a totally stale listing, but has been on since at least April.

****Close a Sale = Commission + Luxury Vacation****

What: 2 week-free stay when your client closes the sale of a unit at X St. [in San Francisco]

Location: South Beach, Miami (beach front)

Description: A 2000 square foot luxury waterfront condominium with ocean views from every room. There is an Olympic size pool, three outdoor spas, gazebo with gas burners, gym, award winning tropical gardens, and valet parking.

Contact:…for more deals about this incentive.

We’re there!

2 thoughts on “Orbitz, Travelocity, Hotwire? Nope, just a Realtor incentive.

  1. Buyer’s agents should be required to disclose these incentives to their clients and should also be reported as taxable income. Personally, I think these tactics are one of the things that give the profession more ill-will than its worth as buyers across the board generally don’t like them; and its not always clear that the seller is aware of the tactics.

    No need for these games. Price it right and your property will sell…. it happens every day!


  2. or – as said by our agents: if the service is perfect, the clients’ referals will bring back more income in further deals than any other incentive…. So should I dare to say the opposite that incentives *hide* poor service (including poor pricing) ?

    Ditto eddy: should be disclosed.

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