Oh Kronos…you went so fast

This from Damion Matthews

“The SF Chronicle reports that 610 Rhode Island sold for over $2.5 million!”


“Sotheby’s Realty agent Gregg Lynn listed 610 Rhode Island St. in San Francisco’s Potrero Hill area on June 22 for $2.3 million. After receiving more than a half-dozen offers, the property sold this week for more than 10 percent over the asking price.

The house, which has been featured in architectural publications, is a unique property designed by a couple of professional musicians who outfitted it with a 24-foot-high living room ceiling and good acoustics. That said, the kitchen and bathrooms date to 1989, when the home was built.

“People who can afford to live anywhere they want to live … want to move to San Francisco and live at that level,” Lynn said. “There’s no end to what they’ll do to get it.” “

MLS is still showing pending.

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2 thoughts on “Oh Kronos…you went so fast

  1. One correction: let’s get this right.

    The house was DESIGNED by an architect HIRED by the professional musician couple. The couple didn’t really design it.

    The architect was Daniel Solomon, a very talented and well known bay area architect.

    I’m a stickler for those kinds of details. thanks.

    [Editor’s note: Kelly, did you get that?]

  2. Hi There –

    Love your site, read it every day.

    Unfortunately I did not get to see the Kronos house. I am much the modern house Voyer and would have loved to have seen it. The pictured looked very professional (like out of a magazine) and I can understand what you mean by it feeling a bit smaller then it looked as I have seen that myself in a number of places. This house does indeed look gorgeous though.

    I am curious about one thing though and that is the bathrooms, or what appears to be a lacking feature. I noticed that the house was listed as 1.5 baths which is fine. But when I looked at the floor plans on the site it *appeared* that you needed to go either to the master bedroom or through a guest bedroom to go potty? Did you happen to notice this? It seemed like a fairly odd configuration for such a lovely and well designed pad?



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