Ask 4, get 5…MILLION! (1090 Chestnut #7 is sold $1,000,000 above asking.)

You heard us correctly. Not too long ago, 1090 Chestnut #7, a 4 bed, 3.5 bath, 3300 square foot “co-op” came on the blocks, and quickly went off…$1,000,000 over what they were asking.


That makes $1500/square foot, and the best part is the low HOA’s of only $2444.26.


1090 Chestnut #7 [MLS]

2 thoughts on “Ask 4, get 5…MILLION! (1090 Chestnut #7 is sold $1,000,000 above asking.)

  1. WOW!!!! Nice find! At this price point, $2,500/month HOAs is no ig deal. If you have 10 mil cash in the bank left, you’re making $45-50,000/month in interest income.

    Great find.

  2. Maybe we should also mention the fact that 1800 Gough sold for $1.8 MM UNDER asking !

    Here is link on ….

    [Editor’s note: You are right, and we will definitely be showing some underbids, and all kinds of other stuff in the future…thanks to great suggestions like this from people like you. We just took the training wheels off, but we’re getting there. And since Curbed found this one, we’ll leave it at that and suggest you all check out Curbed if you haven’t done so already. Thank you. ]

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