Done deal in Pacific Heights for 2243-“A” Green

2243agreen.jpg“boom” commented not too long ago in one of our posts about 3130 Pacific (priced to sell at $12,495,000): “Anybody know about 2243 “A” Green St asking $1.395 mil?” First open was last Sunday, and now it’s not on MLS anymore?” [This is a 3 bed, 2 bath, 1546 square foot condo with booming views in Pacific Heights.]

our answer then: [editor’s note: pending…in contract, no contingencies, 7 days on market.]

That was then, this is now. Sold for $1,560,000 (roughly 12% above asking), and that puts the price per square foot at a hefty $1,009. You might get to 1009 if you count the steps while you’re climbing…don’t forget the crampons and caribiners, oxygen mask is optional.

6 thoughts on “Done deal in Pacific Heights for 2243-“A” Green

  1. I drove by this place and immediately lost interest. those brick facades and the climb were too much for me. It looks like a nice place but I’m quake sensitive. But still, I don’t have any issue with this place selling at 1k psf. Is green st technically Cow Hollow or Pacific Heights?


  2. Eddy,

    It is technically Pacific Heights. However, Green St. is the border between the two (Cow Hollow and Pacific Heights), so call it what you like. In MLS it is Pacific Heights.

  3. eddy,

    jm is correct. Technically it is Pacific Heights, but the border is Green Street.

    thanks for commenting.

  4. Thanks for the update guys! The stairs, and lack of parking for $1.56 million was a challlenge, so was the 3rd bedroom which was tiny.

    That said, i love this area, and the views are great. I wonder what the other 6 bidders who lost out are going to bid on next?

    I saw the total fixer/updater 80 Rico go into contract soon for $1.7 mil. That will be interesting. $1.75 perhaps

  5. Oh yeah, the 3 owners are thinking about spending $300-400,000 for parking. Sounds good to me!

  6. BTW, this property will NEVER be highlighted on SocketSite. Why? B/c it isn’t in the ghetto, and it is too desirable of an area, and didn’t sell below asking! lol

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