4065 25th Street: A Done Deal, and Our Fun Spoiled

bluebottle.jpgIt appears our little Wager on 4065 25th Street, and how much over the $2,750,000 asking price it will sell, will be foiled. The parties involved have signed a confidentiality agreement, and the price will not be disclosed through MLS. (Our price guess was $2,895,900, but know it went closer to $2,950,000.) To all those that participated in our wager, thank you.  We’re calling the winners Eddy ($2.9975) and Cece ($2.9)…send us your mailing address, and we’ll send you a couple of “free drink” cards for Blue Bottle Coffee…the best tasting coffee in town. (Hayes and Embarcadero locations).

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6 thoughts on “4065 25th Street: A Done Deal, and Our Fun Spoiled

  1. It’ll hit Zillow in about 30 days. All records are public.
    [Editor’s note:Amen! We just like to be “real time”, so our buzz was killed. ;-) I thought I’d never say this, but here goes…Thank God for Zillow.

  2. Dear Editor,
    Did you 2511 Steiner St. for $3.85 million? I took a look yesterday, and it was just ok. It had no ‘flow’, with confusing rooms, and NO BACKYARD. It has a nice roofdeck, but again, no backyard, which means the lot was maybe 30-35ft by 50 ft deep.
    On the market for 2 weeks, and it is now IN CONTRACT already!
    [Editor’s note: I did not see it. Wish I had. (Just saw it. It comes down to the old saying…location, location, location. That’s all I’ll say or else I may get in hot water.) Thanks for filling us in.]

  3. I’m not surprised its in contract. There just isn’t anything for sale in that location at any price. I skipped the open house since the floorplan was bad. But you get a decent property, good views, the park is your ‘back yard’ and it looks good from the street.

    And it was only on the market for 1 week.

    I’d ‘bet’ it sold for over listing price. $4.15 is my guess.

  4. Maybe I’m confused but AFAICT it was closed today and MLS shows $2.75M.
    That was a fast transaction, must be an all cash deal
    [Editor’s Note:] Someone, You almost got us on the AFAICT, so we’ll let all the other readers know, As Far As I Can Tell. ;-) It actually closed on May 22nd, and sales price was not disclosed. Not sure where you’re reading your MLS, but if there is an * next to the price and the price is exactly the same as the asking price…the parties chose not to disclose. And in this case, we know a NDA was signed, regarding the sales price. As for whether it was all cash…don’t know. Thanks for commenting.]

  5. Eddy – No way 2511 Steiner sold for over $4million. No way in heck. It’s 3,300 sqft with no yard, and no views.

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