Fast Track to Staledom ™: an update on 1110 Fulton

On April 11th, we told you about 1110 Fulton, and how we liked it, and thought it wouldn’t last at the then reduced price of $975,000 from $989,000. We were wrong. It has been reduced yet again to $959,000, and now…well…it’s on its way to our coveted list of Stalefish ™. A sign of the times? We leave that up to you to decide.

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One thought on “Fast Track to Staledom ™: an update on 1110 Fulton

  1. No offense intended, but I think its another example of someone with a vested interest in keeping the illusion that properties “won’t last long at this price.” I’m sure that you don’t have an interest in this particular property, but you know what I mean. And it’s totally understandable; everyone has a different perspective on things because of thier profession than “outsiders.” It just so happens for realtors or agents, you guys have a different take on the real estate market than the average joe like me.

    I know some properties sell more than asking. It’s just that I’m not surprised when they don’t. I used to be. Not anymore. It’s a different market and we all know it. Depsite what our realtor friends say.


    [Editor’s note: No offense taken. Thanks for commenting.]

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