“Little old Bernal Heights makes the Financial Times”


We’ve been telling you for eons how hot Bernal has been and continues to be, and a kind reader forwarded us the following article, from none other than the Financial Times (The City’s Last Secret).

Some money quotes:
-“Bernal isn’t the next neighbourhood in San Francisco; it’s the last neighbourhood in San Francisco,” [Editor’s note: Apparently they’ve over-looked Glen Park, Potrero Hill, West Portal, Inner Sunset, Golden Gate Heights, Hayes Valley, oh we could go on forever.]
-“Bernal (which rhymes with “kernel”)” [Editor’s note: A Beastie Boys lyric comes to mind here, “eating Colonel’s chicken drinking Heineken Brew…”]
-“Bernal remains one of the few places in San Francisco where young families of less extravagant means can hope to find a two- or three-bedroom detached house with a yard for a growing family. “It’s as affordable as you can get in San Francisco,” [Editor’s note: According to MLS the average sales price for a single family home in Bernal Heights is $883,649, and PPSF is $597…bargain basement prices!]
-“Young, stroller-pushing mums mingle freely with flannel-clad hipsters and grannies in Bernal Heights-emblazoned hoodies.”
-“once people land there it becomes cult-like”

That’s enough. It’s actually a great article and a great neighborhood, we were just poking a little fun. Necessary sometimes in this uptight world of real estate.

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