Ask an Expert (All): Years in biz and $$ volume sold

“Dear [sfnewsletter],
I’ve been reading your newsletter for a while and love your new blog. Just curious. Between all of you, how many years experience do you have and roughly how much transaction volume (in dollars) have you been a part of? Thanks, J.K.”

Thanks for writing in and thanks for your question.  
Our team has represented clients in close to $850,000,000 worth of real estate transactions.  (Roughly $650m from our Realtors, and $200m from our mortgage brokers.)  We have some members with as little as 1.5 years experience and others with close to 40.
We add new members all the time, and the list of “experts” you see over in the right column is not our entire team, only those that have contributed to this BLOG. 
So as of today, those are our numbers, but as of next week, that number will likely change (hopefully up).  ;-)
Keep spreading the word about sfnewsletter, our team, and this new BLOG, and feel free to ask a question any time. 

the sfnewsletter team

4 thoughts on “Ask an Expert (All): Years in biz and $$ volume sold

  1. I do have a comment.
    why does it matter? what does it reprensent?
    is a Realtor a better one because he/she sold ONE house at 65.000.000 simply because the BUYERS’s agent was excellent and made the deal?
    or is a Realtor a better one because he/she sold and bought one median priced no frill house a month for 5 years with quick efficient closings? (rough total around 10-20.000.000)?

    what about comparing the number of deals closed? or for selling, the average number of days between putting the sales sign and the closing of escrow?

    What makes a Realtor a stunning partner for a home buyer or a home seller?
    (hint hint: it’s a question nobody ever dares to answer – altho I have a very strong opinion about it. Do you wish to address it?)

  2. Sophie,

    We’re thinking the reader asked that question to guage our credibility as a source. I think it is a good question and we’re glad to answer, as there are so many sources of real estate information, you have to wonder who’s pumping it out sometimes. It shows experience, of which we have tons.

    “What makes a Realtor a stunning partner for a home buyer or a home seller?” It all comes down to who you like and think will do the best job for you. Whatever that job may be.

  3. thanks. that’s what I guessed – but I was wondering if I missed something else.
    As for your experience – yes this team has a lot of it. And yes, this blog is way [above] some junk we can find on the web.
    just thank them for making you so great in comparison ;-)

    Editor’s note: Thanks for the kind words Sophie. I went ahead and changed your typo. Make sure you tell all your friends about us, so you get more opinions than just ours and yours.

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