Regarding my recent post, McGoldrick Strikes, well not gold that’s for sure it seems there is a bit of confusion regarding whether or not the proposed legislation applies to single family residences.  Yes, the confused includes me. 

The answer I received from McGoldrick’s office, is that the intention is not to include single family homes. HOWEVER, the verbiage, according to the attorney I consulted, DID imply single families. Furthermore, after speaking with Betty Chan in Jake McGoldrick’s office, it is not clear whether the legislation will apply to certain remodels or new construction of 2-unit buildings intended as single family homes, but retaining a second unit for the sole purpose of avoiding any necessary zoning conversion from 2 units to single family.   I see this kind of remodel and new development a lot, where developers just gut the place, keep a kitchen and bath down, and call it a single family, which technically and functionally it is, but legally it is still two units.  

So to summarize, if this concerns you, you should contact a qualified land use attorney, and/or Supervisor McGoldrick himself or one of his staff members.   It extends beyond my area of expertise. 

If you ever have questions regarding any future McGoldrick proposals, or this one for that matter, give Betty Chan a shout, (415) 554-7413. Well…don’t shout, because she probably wouldn’t like that, but chat, and she’d gladly answer your questions. 

Michael, does that help? 


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