Surfers’ Dream Home is Snatched

We told you about this home in the sfnewsletter.  It was on our Stalefish ™ list, but has now been kicked off the list and is sold.  2127 29th in the Parkside, a 4 bed, 3.5 bath “Dwell” home, with insane ocean views, has sold for $1,485,000.  Originally listed for $1,575,000.  Congratulations to the buyers.  We’ll be calling for the surf report.  More Pictures.  Oh…we almost forgot to add, it was picked up in 2005 for $860,000.

One thought on “Surfers’ Dream Home is Snatched

  1. That place is so nice. I cant see how so many people can continue to spend so much for so many houses. The taxes and insurance and upkeep and mortgage must be a huge monthly cost.
    There must be some very exotic loans still at work in San Francisco.

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