Ripple In Still Waters, Lake District Condo Moves Fast (64 7th Ave)


Although MLS still reflects the Lake District condominium at 64 7th Ave (3 bed, 2.5 bath, 1 pk, $1,535,000) as “active”, sources close to the sale are telling us it is in contact after a short five days on the market.


Call it luck, call it buyers that don’t read the newspapers (bless them), or call it a very nice home in an excellent location that somebody just had to have, and we’ll call it something we’re seeing more and more of, and you’re hearing less and less about.

That backyard is going to be a great place for a party, what should we bring?

64 7th Ave…3 bed, 2.5 bath, 1 pk, $1,535,000 [sfnewsletter listing detail]


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  1. we’ll call it something we’re seeing more and more of

    what is it you are seeing more and more of, exactly?

  2. we’re seeing more and more certain homes sell very quickly. i’m seeing them specifically in the higher end market. this one mentioned above on 7th ave and i just noticed that 2580 broadway is in contract. listed at $4.2m, it’s a cute house, but doooode, $4.2m??? it’s not that big, it’s not THAT special. i don’t think it’s been on the market for more than 10 days.

  3. @dothemath,

    Garrett answered for us. More homes moving quickly, and actually at all price points.

  4. OK thanks for the info.
    will keep a track on sales data, was but interesting observation.
    I thought january was aweful though?
    I mean, check out d1(1 sale!)d2,d3 (below 04 pricing),d4,d5,d9. Ouch.
    It’s clearly not just d10 any more.

  5. How many square feet on this one? HOA fees? Thanks

  6. January sales sucked because they reflect November/December contracts. Holidays + downturn = lousy.

  7. true,
    but there were the same holidays in 2008 and things are awful YOY.
    but i agree feb/march will tell us how bad things really are.

  8. You’re going to see a spike in volume Feb/March to January. YOY volume will be less. YOY prices should be interesting, once we pare it down to neighborhood. There has been a little bounce. Mostly on the low end. A few spendy sales here and there have happened, but volume is going to be down in most neighborhoods I would think. It’s going to be interesting. V, L, W, U, what’s it going to look like?

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