Art Seen: @ 14 Harris Place (Tjasa Owen)

We’ve been thinking about doing something along the lines of featuring local artists for quite some time (What is a house without art on the walls right?), and maybe this reader inquiry is the spark we needed to get it going.

Dear (Editor),

First of all, I love your blog. Second, I went to 14 Harris Pl recently and walked out of there without inquiring about all the amazing art hanging on the walls. Do you have any idea who did some of the pieces? Any information would be appreciated.


The house in question, 14 Harris Place, a 3 bed, 2.5 bath, $2,150,000 single family home in Cow Hollow (A very cool home, we might add.)



Now we’re not 100% certain the art you see in the photos above is all the same artist, but a large portion of the art in that home was done by Tjasa Owen of our very own San Francisco Art scene, and she has a gallery at 1850 Union Street, Studio 5. Pay her a visit, buy some art, say Hi for us (we don’t know her, but it’s a nice gesture), and send us a picture of your new piece on your wall.


If you are an artist, or know any that would like their work featured on theFrontSteps, send them our way ([email protected]).

In case you’re wondering, as of this post, the home is still available.

14 Harris Place, 3 bed, 2.5 bath, $2,150,000 [sfnewsletter listing detail] [Artist’s website]

4 thoughts on “Art Seen: @ 14 Harris Place (Tjasa Owen)

  1. while on the topic, I actually would LOVE to see some great art (for sale) in open houses.
    it takes only a catalog with prices on the kitchen counter!

    I know that for years, staging involved blah beige walls thru-out, blah beige furniture and blah dark wood tables and chairs…
    but maybe part of the new 2009 strategy is to make a property STAND OUT, not blah and disappear among other listings!

    (and it adds some foot traffic – by advertising BOTH the art and the property) (of course if seller agrees)

  2. Sophie,

    I don’t see the benefit for the home owner, who is probably paying good money to stage and clean up the home in hopes of a sale. It also could turn people’s sunday open houses into a sunday art gallery walk, which shouldn’t be the purpose of an open house. My home is coming on the market next week, and I would be put off if my real estate agent suggested this option to me. The focus should be on selling the home.

  3. Agreed auden..
    As a Brit, that kind of upselling/sideselling/additional selling drives me crazy – its so popular here.
    I would be highly cynical/suspicious of any house that I walked into that tried to sell me art as well.
    If I want a house, I will go to open houses.
    If I want art, I will to to an art gallery.

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