Available Off Market til June 8, this 5 bed, 5 bath …

This one is still so stealth, we don’t even have pictures. We can tell you the details, and if you’re interested, give a shout and we’ll get you in. Will go live on the marketing bonanza June 8th, if not sold prior.

Details can be found by following this link to the property detail page, or visiting www.thefrontsteps.com/1155Monterey

We are truly experts in the off market real estate arena, so if you’re looking for a quiet sale or private sale, or have questions about buying and selling a home off market, we can be reached via our contact page 24/7, or by filling in the form below…we promise NEVER to spam you, stalk you, add you to our email marketing, or otherwise be a typically annoying Realtor when you trust us with your contact information.

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