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Four Testimonials, A Couple Sales, Off Market Properties, and more

It’s great to be busy, but not if you want to share amazing real estate porn on a daily basis to all of you wonderful readers…for that you’ll have to keep eyes on The Goods, which has up-to-the-day Overbids, Underbids, Hot New Listings, Recent Sales, and properties on the market more than 30 days. Bookmark it, and share it often. It’s a great resource I built for exactly this…keeping you informed of the market and sales in your area on your time.

As for what’s happening in my world I just closed on 21 Bessie St in Bernal Heights, 11 Shephard in Nob Hill, 870 Chestnut in Russian Hill, and finally have 1736-38 Fell firmly in contract. I have clients who just lost out on a property in the Sunset that received 7 offers, narrowly missed an off market place in the Marina for some other clients (it went really fast), and am still searching for the perfect home for many people.

As for listings coming soon that some of you might want to get your hands on, I have a 2 bed condo near Japantown, a 2 unit in the Central Richmond, and potentially an amazing home in Daly City, a loft in the Mission, a fabulous home in Potrero Hill, and about 10 other properties that may be available for sale. SO…if you’re buying, and not finding it on MLS, I might just have something for you.

With that, I’ll leave you with four testimonials that just came in from recent transactions that might help you get over the hump and get in touch with yours truly when it’s time to buy or sell some SF terra firma. And to all of you agents out there, I’m looking for good people to join my team to help more awesome people like this.

Alex is a fantastic real estate agent.  It is hard to imagine how anyone could be better.

He helped me buy my first home 8 years ago and did a great job, so when it came time to upgrade to a larger house, we turned to Alex again, and he did not disappoint.

Alex helped us to purchase our new dream home at under the asking price, contingent on the sale of our old home.  That, of course, is unheard of in San Francisco.  The agent on the other side hadn’t even seen a contingent deal before, and her clients were not excited about the idea, but Alex talked them into it.

He then sold our old house for over the asking price.  He helped us arrange for last minute repairs and touch-ups for the showing and sale.  He was tireless in his efforts to show our old home 20 times in two weeks.

Next, Alex arranged for simultaneous closings so we could move out of the old house and into the new house on the same day.  When that fell apart at the last minute as a result of a mistake by the escrow agent, Alex somehow pulled it back together and made it happen.  

Alex responds immediately to texts and calls, at night and on the weekends.   I know he had other clients at the same time, but it always felt like we were his only clients, and that he was completely focused on our goals.

In closing, you should hire Alex.

Here’s another….

Alex is, simply put, the best real estate agent in San Francisco.

In a span of a few years, Alex has helped us buy two homes, and sell another two. Most of those deals presented unusual, and daunting challenges–financing problems, uber-competitive bidding situations, extreme time pressure, etc. Looking back, I still can’t believe that we managed to get those deals over the line. I can’t imagine that we could have done so with a different agent.

Last year we bought a house that we had fallen in love with. To do it, we had to beat out 8 other serious bidders–some of whom were ready to offer more money. Alex got us the deal. Six months later he helped us to sell the same house, off-market, at a price 50% higher (!!!). Those facts speak for themselves.

However, what impresses me most about Alex is his ability–even in highly stressful situations–to remain calm, reasonable, and friendly. This doesn’t mean that he isn’t tough when he needs to be! But he has a relaxed, personable way of doing business, which charms clients and fellow agents alike. We have come to consider him a good friend.

Thank you, Alex! You will be our first and only call the next time we need to buy or sell a house.

And another….

First time as seller with Alex — after being a 5-time-buyer with Alex.

Alex got it done.  During the pandemic.  In a shut-down neighborhood (Nob Hill).  On the East side —- where the market is ICE COLD.  For over asking price.

I was amazed —- totally a Christmas miracle.  I thought there was no way that we were gonna sell the place in 2020 —- but lo and behold, he found a seller at the last minute, and right before Christmas.

“Always be Nice” That’s his mantra and it works when connecting buyers and sellers.

And another…

Buying a home during a pandemic is certainly an interesting experience and we couldn’t have been happier to have Alex at the tiller while my wife and i looked for and purchased a home over the last few months. All viewings during COVID is done by appointment so having an agent is critical. We found him through a mutual connection and were immediately impressed with his approach and calm, easy demeanor (you’ll see that mentioned a lot in the reviews because it’s VERY true).

He immediately set us up with access to the listings platform and we set up alerts for what we were looking for (2-3 bedroom condo/TIC in SF). We started getting big lists of a dozen or so properties matching our criteria each day and would send those to Alex to arrange viewings. At the same time he set us up with lenders who he knew would work quickly and meet our financing needs. Once we had the pre-approvals in hand we began doing viewings and he also identified a beautiful off-market property for us. He found us multiple off-market listings (always good to have an agent who has the connections to secret properties).

He was patient with us but also was very clear when we needed to move quickly and be decisive, which was really helpful. He coordinated well with the sellers, our escrow folks, and the lender to make sure the process was moving and we even managed to close a few days early despite our somewhat complicated financing structure.

We highly recommend Alex for your home purchase. I know we’ll be using him in the future. He also donated a portion of his earnings from the sale to Natural Resources in SF.

Now you know why I haven’t been blogging real estate lately. If you want to know about the market, have questions about buying or selling, please do not hesitate to reach out.

Go surf…actually don’t. It’s crowded enough. Go on a hike, it’s a great day! :-)

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  1. It looks like Alex is a real expert in his field! Judging by the comments, the customers are delighted =) I was already thinking about working with him myself. I’ll soon sell my horse farm in San Jose, so maybe we’ll get acquainted ;)

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