Back and Forth and SOLD | 11 Shephard Place | Nob Hill

Continuing where I left off in 2020…and working tirelessly for my clients every damn day (including holidays), I’m pleased to report the successful sale of 11 Shephard Place in San Francisco’s Nob Hill neighborhood. What a ride that was!

First “listed” privately, then on the market, off the market, back on, price dropped again, and again, and voila! sold for $365,000 over final list price with multiple offers. Only in San Francisco, and only under hip-hop supervision…

“alright, he’s scratchin it right now, cuttin’ the record back and forth against the needle, back and forth, back and forth, makin’ it scratch, but let me tell you something: don’t try this at home with your dad’s stereo, only under hip-hop supervision, alright?”- Beastie Boys

Click the link to get the deets. Contact us when it’s time to buy or sell. People like working with us.

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