San Francisco / Bay Area Latest Earthquakes, Liquefaction, Landslide, and Soft Story Round Up

The ground has been shaking a little bit lately (Did you feel that one?) in the San Francisco / Bay Area, so we thought it pertinent to dial in your Earthquake and Liquefaction Zone knowledge by way of some great Bay Area Liquefaction maps we have shared in the past.

It’s a common question among many of you readers as to which SF liquefaction zone (if any) you might be in, or taking it one step further, whether your home (or the soil underneath) is prone to soil liquefaction or earthquake induced landslides. Lucky for you, we dove deep into the matter way back when, and have continually updated our readers with great new resources and links ever since.

What started our fascination with all this liquefaction talk (besides the fact we all live in a seismically active locale)? It was, of course, a reader who asked, “Can you tell me how I can get a map of all the SF neighborhoods that would show me what areas are bedrock vs. landfill??” Our answer is ongoing…

As is the case with a lot of things on the internet, links die or change, but this map (in the original post) hasn’t changed.

As great as that map is, we discovered something new a while ago, and it’s possibly our favorite, most detailed, and definitely largest “time suck” on the internet for searching all things Liquefaction, Landslide, Earthquake, Faults, you name it. It’s right here on the USGS website:

[Note: Sometimes even the most recent links to that map don’t work, so try this page to get you started instead. or you can try this page as well…and find a ton more insightful maps.]

Zoom in, zoom out, add layers, remove layers, it can literally keep you occupied (and shaking in your boots – no pun intended) for hours on end. But before you get sucked into that vortex (maybe bookmark it), have a look at these other great resources:

Real time data on all of the most recent earthquakes in California, and beyond (oh how close that fault is…zoom in at your own risk.)

San Francisco Properties Soft-Story Retrofit Requirement Map / List Are you, or your building, on the list?

What the heck is a Soft Story building?

A soft or weak story floor, wood-frame building is a structure where the first story is substantially weaker and more flexible than the stories above due to lack of walls or frames at the first floor. Typically, these buildings contain large open areas for parking or commercial space such as restaurants or convenience stores on the first floor leaving the building highly vulnerable to damage in an earthquake.

More answers to your FAQs about soft story buildings right here.

Liquefaction Zones of San Francisco’s Marina District (since everyone asks):

Bay Area Liquefaction, Landslide, and Seismic Zones (Mapped):

And you get the picture. The resources are out there for you to dig as deep as you like.

For general inquiries as to whether your property, or one you might be considering purchasing (hopefully with our assistance), is in, or near an area of liquefaction or potential landslide or other seismic risk, just give us a shout. We’re happy to use the other maps available at our disposal to give you a general idea of what you’re working with. For the record, and FULL DISCLAIMER, we are Realtors…experts at negotiating, and marketing properties for sale, we ARE NOT SEISMIC EXPERTS, GEOLOGISTS, OR SOILS ENGINEERS…we can put you in touch with them. By using this information or following links to this information to make your own decisions, you agree to indemnify and hold us harmless of any outcome to your property by way of mother nature whatsoever.

But we do want to hear from you, and we definitely want to help you sell your property when you’ve decided earthquakes are not for you, so hit that contact field below and let’s get some dialog started.

Real-time map of the Latest Earthquakes in California
San Francisco / Bay Area Liquefaction Susceptibility (Interactive) Map [USGS] Sometimes even the most recent links to that map don’t work, so try this page to get you started instead.
San Francisco Properties Soft-Story Retrofit Requirement Map / List []
San Francisco Neighborhoods Prone to Liquefaction and Earthquake Induced Landslides (Bedrock Vs. Landfill Take Two) [theFrontSteps]
Ask Us, A Map Of Bedrock Versus Landfill [theFrontSteps]
Soft Story Building Retrofit Program FAQs

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