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Before & After On A Noe Valley/Glen Park Victorian

Before & After On A Noe Valley/Glen Park Victorian

There is always a lot of talk around town about how “easy” it is to sell a property in San Francisco, and that all we (Realtors) have to do is sign up a listing, put a sign out front, and the hordes of buyers will come marching through the door, offer oodles over asking, beg to buy the property, offer up their children as security deposit, and seller sells it for a mint.

Not so, and to prove you need us (particularly theFrontSteps) to market your property for sale in San Francisco, I’d like to share some “before & after” shots of recent property transformations.

To kick things off today (follow us for future posts), we present 1793 Sanchez…remember this beauty?

Not only did we help the seller negotiate a tenant situation, but we took ordinary, and made it extraordinary:

[Note: If you click on the first image, a gallery will open and you can easily flip/click through in sequence room by room.]

To say I did this on my own would be stupid, and selfish. I have a team, and that team consists of an amazing designer/stager (Katrina Schissel of GiGiPark), painter/contractor (Alejandro Corona), and gardner (Jose Lopez). Together, we can do great things for you.

We listed for $1,795,000, marketed and showed the hell out of it, were featured in the SF Chronicle (many of our listings get featured either on SFGate, Curbed, or in the Chronicle), and sold (with multiple offers) for $2,257,000…and managing/negotiating all of that is a task in and of itself. So you can go ahead and do cut-rate marketing, or you can play with the big boys and get top dollar for your property that is “so easy to sell”.

Check back for more good stuff to come…

1793 Sanchez [theFrontSteps]
1485 Chestnut, For sale, not ideal marketing [MLS]
1487 Chestnut, properly marketed by us [theFrontSteps]
San Francisco Chronicle Article prepping this home for sale [SF Chronicle]
Queen Anne Done Up in Designer Style Looks for $2,695M [Current listing featured on Curbed SF]



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