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San Francisco Real Estate | Top 10 Overbids Of the Week

San Francisco Real Estate | Top 10 Overbids Of the Week

There are a couple doozies on this list.

Address BR/BA/Units DOM List Price Sold Price Overbid
2315 Lawton St 2/1.00/N/A 16 $895,000 $1,400,000 56.42%
1647 Sanchez St 2-4 Units 15 $1,070,000 $1,667,000 55.79%
2245 Lincoln Way 3/1.00/N/A 17 $1,195,000 $1,800,000 50.63%
450 Wawona St 3/2.50/N/A 12 $949,000 $1,400,000 47.52%
83 Mirabel Ave 3/3.00/N/A 14 $1,495,000 $2,143,143 43.35%
20 Seaview Ter 4/2.50/N/A 14 $3,250,000 $4,600,000 41.54%
1515 26th Ave 3/1.00/N/A 13 $899,000 $1,255,000 39.60%
115 Bella Vista Way 4/3.00/N/A 26 $1,295,000 $1,805,000 39.38%
1326 29th Ave 3/2.00/N/A 4 $1,195,000 $1,650,000 38.08%
2650 21st St 2652 2-4 Units 38 $1,595,000 $2,200,000 37.93%

The market continues to boggle the mind. That said, there have been hints of it leveling off. Not tanking. Just leveling. Is it just the cool summer fog, or have buyers finally had enough? Time will tell. I do know the phone is already blowing up with my new listing at 1471 McAllister, so maybe I’m just in a post vacation haze.

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