The Agony & Ecstasy Of The San Francisco Real Estate Market In One Text Message

Depending on which side of the equation you’re on (buyer or seller), this text could bring tears to your eyes, or joy to your soul (read: pocketbook, retirement account, children’s college fund, travel fund).

Seller Ecstasy Buyer Agony
We were already roughly $200,000 over asking price.

For more insight and details, you’ll have to contact us, as we promised not to share anything else publicly until it closes.
[Update: The property has closed, so now I can share. 26 Hancock in Eureka Valley/Castro. Asking $1,675,000, selling for $2,025,000 and already closed! There is no doubt it is a nice home, but $2,025,000? Come on…it’s Monopoly money we’re dealing with now.]

To say it’s a good time to sell your home would be an understatement. Low inventory, insane demand, and TONS of cash floating around this town.

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