Happy Thanksgiving! Thank You!

It has been a great year for real estate, particularly theFrontSteps and me. This website continues to get a TON of traffic, you all continue to be loyal readers, and I continue to help many of you buy and sell your San Francisco dream properties. For that, I am thankful. Thankful that I created this site years and years ago. Thankful that all of my hard work is paying off. And thankful that many of you have the courage to contact me without knowing who the hell I am, and take the leap of faith to work with me.

Thank you all for your continued support, links, referral, content ideas, inside tips, market data, listings, purchases, dinners, cocktails, rounds of golf, skis, and bottles of wine! I am truly grateful for all the wonderful things this year has brought to me, and I hope (with your help) it continues through the Holidays and into next year.

Many of you still decide to work with other agents, and that will be my goal of next year…convincing all of you, I am your choice for San Francisco real estate representation. This site (theFrontSteps) gets more traffic, has more relevant market data, features more real estate porn, and receives more incoming links than any other Realtor’s site in San Francisco. That means when you list your home with me it gets more traffic by being featured here, and that means more potential buyers for you. It also means buyers that work with me get more opportunities outside of MLS simply because more agents and companies contact me about what they have going on, what properties they’d like to feature, what developments are coming up, and ultimately what you need to do to be successful against multiple offers. It also means I am clued in to, and participate in, activity at all price points, and I have the multi million dollar testimonials to prove it. And for that, many of you readers that become clients are very thankful.

You can expect a continued low volume of posts on theFrontSteps as I wrap up this year, but rest assured…I’m here to stay, and I have a million posts in my head I’m dying to find the time to share, and I’m thankful it’s working with you that keeps me and this blog going.

Happy Thanksgiving to all of you! Pray for snow…and surf. :-)

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