There are so many things happening in this sunset pic I just had to share…

I snapped this while I was sitting on the trunk of my car having just changed out of my wetsuit on Tuesday afternoon/evening down at Ocean Beach. What is so great is that the crew in the foreground was straight out of a movie. They rolled up in a beat up van with the fan on the dashboard, foam dice hanging from the rear view mirror, and smoke (of the cannabis kind) spilling from the van. They staggered out (check out the one dude’s frizzy fro), hauled their bongo drums to the bench, and set up shop. Cerveza Modelo was flowing, the one guy with the flame shirt claims to have been in Santana (the band), drums were being played, Espanish and Spanglish (say that with a South American accent) was being spoken, girls were being whistled at, and “Viva Fidel Castro” was being shouted loud after every song. The tunes they played were very Cubana and they engaged every person around. They got two girls to join in and share in the dance (and smoke), and their their universe seemed complete. The sun was setting, the waves were pumping, and the music was loud…so my universe was rotating perfectly too.

Take a minute to check out this photo and all that is going on…classic Ocean Beach, San Francisco moment to take you to your weekend.

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