Perhaps you remember my attempt (for a client) to secure 137-139 Corbett?

If you had forgotten, it doesn’t really matter. The property was listed at $799,000, we offered $932,000, they received over 30 offers (many of them all cash). The dust has settled and the final sales price has been revealed…a staggering $429,000 over asking! Which brings the winning bid to $1,228,000.


137-139 Corbett, San Francisco [MLS]


  1. Alex when you provide information like this, please also tell us to what extent the property appeared to be intentionally underpriced to spark a bidding war. For example, what price would have been suggested by recent neighborhood comps? Was your bid the number that you expected it to go for? Or just the upper limit of the buyer?

  2. This game the agents are playing of deliberately and knowingly asking an undervalued price is getting old. While Im sure it’s not illegal it certainly is unethical, not to mention rude. Why waste everyone’s time.

    This property, while needing some updating, is a whole house with a legal rental unit and amazing views. $799 was never even remotely close to what it would achieve.

    It’s one thing to knock 10% of what you think it’s market value is in order to generate feet through the door, but playing tricks is not. No wonder agents have such horrible reputations.

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