Would You Like Your Property Listed On theFrontSteps.com?

I get at least one email each week from a different person or reader asking me to give their property that is currently for sale some exposure on theFrontSteps.com. I’m flattered. But unless your property is of utter and complete jaw dropping significance, if you would like your property featured on my blog, it’s simple, don’t list with the other agent, list your property for sale with me. Not only will you get exposure here, but I’ll expose the hell out of it on the other networks of which I am a part. It will also be on Trulia, Zillow, Realtor.com, and likely show up in more online searches for your address, as a result of the keyword post I can do for it here.

So before you sign that listing agreement with another agent who is selling you on the glossy brochures that end up in recycling (often in landfill), or a fancy website that simply floats out in cyberspace, remember that print advertising is pretty much dead, and Google, Trulia, Zillow, and keyword search are king. More than 80% of home buyers begin and end their home search online, so you have every reason to want to be on theFrontSteps.com, and I’d be happy to help get you here.

I am an industry leader in San Francisco blogging and web traffic, and my brokerage, Zephyr Real Estate, is also number one when it comes to internet, search engine optimization, and generally capturing buyers where it matters most…on the internet.

If you still decide to list your property for sale with another San Francisco agent (it’s cool, I won’t take it personally), that agent is free to contact me directly and request that I advertise your property here (for a fee). If you’d still like to try to get me to blog about your property, send it as a “tip”, and you’ll likely have better luck getting featured on this site.

As always, thanks to all of the loyal readers I have, and the many clients that have chosen to work with me already. At some point, I won’t be as busy as I am now, and will pick up blogging where I left off. With that, I end the gloating and will go back to being my humble old self.



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