Can I Buy A Sub $400,000 Home In San Francisco? Suprisingly…Yes!

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I found your blog while researching San Francisco. My husband and I presently live in Texas, but want to move to San Francisco.
We have two dogs (bulldog, and Labradoodle). We would love to have a fireplace, great view, outside balcony, and a place for one vehicle. Please don’t laugh but we would like to spend 250K to a max of 400K.
Now that you have hopefully gotten up off the floor, is this possible?
We will arrive in San Francisco April 7th -10th, to view property.
We are also open to areas that surround San Francisco, (Sausalito, Oakland, Berkeley).
I hope you are someone you know could help us.

This email came to me just the other day, and I’ve combed the MLS, PocketListings, and all other sources of property listing information since, and gotta say…I’m surprised there are so many choices! It used to be laughable to search in this range, but not anymore. Now, you might not get that great view, outside balcony (is there such thing as an inside one ;-) ), and parking, but you can get something! That’s for sure.

So if you, or anybody you know, is in the market for a sub $400,000 property in the greater San Francisco Bay Area, you might want to give your mortgage broker a call, because your day may have finally come!

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  1. I was at an open house talking to borrowers yesterday for 1br/1.5ba out in the Excelsior district that’s listed for only $329k. SFR, garage, garden and downtown views from the upstairs bedroom but still close enough to BART, Bernal, etc.

    Open house visitors described it as “fun”, “a dollhouse” and one said “minute”, but for the price, it’s a great place to start living in SF. Offers Friday 3/11/10.

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