Pushing The Panic Button For Buyers In San Francisco

safeapp1We’re starting to see a much larger number of San Francisco real estate agents incorporate a home’s WalkScore into their marketing materials (not that a walk score really matters, because hopefully you’ll either research or already know the area you’re investing a few hundred thousand dollars of your hard earned cash, and not rely on a data crunch from a website), and now there is a company that has released an iPhone App for hyperlocal crime stats in San Francisco, complete with heat map available on the website that breaks down safety levels every 2 blocks. Talk about pushing the panic button!

Check ’em out at AreYouSafeSanFrancisco.com.

For $0.99 we’d bet it would pay off in dividends knowing your significant other can sneak in or out of your home any time they choose. ;-) Then again, maybe not….

2 thoughts on “Pushing The Panic Button For Buyers In San Francisco

  1. Dear Lord,

    Please smite those who download this application for they are truly too stupid to be on this earth.



  2. I cringe at “walk score.” Occasionally it is best to go out and learn something in person. Technology can be debilitating. Look at Yelp. Just because you can say something it doesn’t mean you know anything.

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