5 Steps To Flipping Property In San Francisco

1. Find the most unwanted wreck of a home (crack house) in a great neighborhood (Cole Valley) and buy it:


2. Document any 1964 Datsuns with a blown motor trapped in the garage for 40+ years:


3. Rip up disgusting kitchens and baths:



4. Go to Haight Street, buy a magic wand, tap it three times, and poof! Datsun gone and property remodeled!



[Notice the marketing remarks? “Two enormous storage areas which can easily accommodate surf boards…” So hip! Don’t forget spell check. ;-) ]

5. Slap a new price tag on it…orginally $1,200,000, and now only $1,158,000, throw it on the market as a single family home, or maybe a two unit building, or even two separate TICs, give it a personalized property website, cross your fingers, and hope you can soon see some return on your investment (of time, money, sweat, and sleepless nights.)

It’s that simple…

43-43 1/2 Downey, $1,158,000, Cole Valley [Single Family Home, Two Unit Building, Tenancies In Common]

6 thoughts on “5 Steps To Flipping Property In San Francisco

  1. 600K for a 1/1 TIC? Maybe I am missing something. I don’t like Cole Valley, so maybe that’s the problem, but these both seem overpriced to me. Try 500K.

  2. Small, small, small space, electric range, electric dryer hookup. Big, big, big, refrigerators, for hungry, hungry people living in 1BR. DWR slapped together, dreary colors inside.

  3. Hi Bla,

    Checked your info. Gas hookup for stove is there if that is what you want. I liked the colors inside. No red, tan, and yellow for me.
    Has huge, huge, huge garage and full floor of storage. Why so harsh?

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