Both Millennium Tower’s Grand Penthomes Are Sold, Thanks To A Yacht

In news of the top of the world today, we’ve been told both Grand Penthouse Residents on top of Millennium Tower have now been sold (ink is dry, it’s a done deal).


Grand Penthouse A (GPHA), which is on the Northwest corner of the building with a nice big patio, closed escrow recently (somewhere around $10 Million), oddly coinciding with the recent rumored sale of the Maltese Falcon, so if you’re wondering who could potentially be living, or at least claiming their slice of pie in the sky up there, that’s a pretty darn good hint.

Grand Penthouse B (GPHB), which is on the South East corner and also has a large patio (better in our opinion because there is sun and less wind), was sold a bit before A (somewhere around $9 million…Update from reader “rich”: “Tax records show a $8,100,000 for GPHB!! What a steal”), and naturally there is a story here. It was told to us that the ultimate buyer of GPHA was actually in contract on GPHB and waiting for the first buyer of GPHA to fall out of escrow, and for a little teeny weeny yacht to sell, which all apparently happened (some guys have all the luck, eh?) And being swift like a Falcon, the buyer, and his agent (Katy Dinner) swooped in and landed themselves in the $10 million shell on top of the San Francisco Skyline. Furniture, walls, and appliances will cost extra, but for those who need to pump their ego, what better place to lay down a fist on the table and claim your dominance than the top of Millennium Tower.

So there you have it, both Grand Penthomes at the Millennium Tower have been sold (as a reminder, they are empty shells yet to be built out), and there were more than a handful of interested parties.

Life is pretty good at the top, isn’t it? Gotta wonder how that Penthouse at the St. Regis feels about that.

We’ll bring fresh lime margaritas to the house warming, and gladly launch a paper Falcon from the balcony and watch it drift down to the peasants below.

[Update: For a little profile on the buyer of GPHA that we can now share, since the cat is so far out of the bag, check our follow up post by clicking here.]

8 thoughts on “Both Millennium Tower’s Grand Penthomes Are Sold, Thanks To A Yacht

  1. Wait a minute! The Millennium Falcon was on the market? With or without the hyperdrive?

    (sorry, I just had to)

    Congratulations Katy. Nice one.

  2. We’ll have to see if the (nearly) finished St Regis PH interior makes a sale happen for that much better pad. With the number of workers up there I’d suspect it to hit the maket just after the LaborDay weekend. The StRegis PH blows both of these outa the water imho…. t these prices, one should not have to share a floor!

  3. DZinerSF

    Your talking about a over $30,000,000 price difference. For that I wouldn’t mind sharing a floor!!

    Also hands down the millenium has a better location and you dont have to share everything with hotel guest which I feel is just crazy.

  4. beside the spam in the link provided above …

    Спасибо. было очень интересно. =
    Thank you. It was very interesting.

    I was just curious to know…..

  5. Tom Perkins, the owner/seller of the Maltese Falcon has well over a billion dollars.

    Claiming he needed to sell one of his toys in order to buy a 10 million dollar apartment is absolutely ludicrous. Get your facts and logic right.

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