Joe, Bill & Jim Set Off To Sell A House, Jim Falls Out, Who’s Left?

More shady agent shenanigans

Agent Joe secures listing from Seller Bill who had previously had their home listed with one of the top agents (says the agent) in San Francisco, Jim.

Agent Joe puts home on market.

Home sits on the market for 3 weeks, with no offers.

Seller Bill receives an email from top agent Jim stating (in so many words), “How’s your sale going? All of my listings are selling in two weeks with multiple offers.”

Seller Bill tells new agent Joe about the email.

Agent Joe laughs and shrugs and digs into MLS.

Shady agent Jim found swimming in a school of his own Stalefish.

Seller Bill and Agent Joe hoping to close escrow in June.

If you look really closely, you might see shady agent Jim. Actually, he’s everywhere…you don’t have to look that hard.

3 thoughts on “Joe, Bill & Jim Set Off To Sell A House, Jim Falls Out, Who’s Left?

  1. I know exactly who “Jim” is. I curiously see black spots on white every time I see him. Am I close?

    Agree he is as shady as they come. And of course I’m quite sure that is why he makes so much. You people in this industry really need to do a better job of culling out the extreme lack of ethics. Posting veiled references on a blog is something, but real action would be much better. Until sleazy conduct like this is punished rather than rewarded, it will continue to grow and fester. Bad for all of you, and everyone else.

    1. The “Dalmation Dude”? Not him…feel free to email us if you think you have it. We can’t disclose publicly, but sure as hell would love to.

  2. i read this post the other day, and it made me angry, but i wasn’t sure what i would do in your shoes. but this story burns me so badly, especially from someone who is consistently a huge producer in a top company that i’m returning to comment now. if this is indeed a practice of someone like this – to clearly break the law by soliticing business that he knows is with another Broker – i think he should be reported.

    i realize this would be you putting your neck out there – but it’s one of those things where we have to assume he does this a lot – and someone needs to get his hand slapped. he is indeed “swimming in a sea of stalefish” so not only did he break the law, he flat out lied in doing so. This is no mistake or accident – this is a fraudster – and anon is right – we need to police people in our own industry

    now that i know who it is, if it were to happen to me from him, not only would i report him, I think i’d also pay him a personal visit in a dark alley. what a scum bag.

    [Editor’s Note: As stated previously, it is not the “Dalmation Dude”, aka James Laufenberg. We have no beef for or against him, but it is someone else and you can all free free to keep guessing, but as we don’t have a large legal team behind us, we prefer not to call these losers out publicly. But you are free to contact us privately and we’d be happy to share our experiences with all the “scum bags” we deal with on a daily basis.]

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