Some Realtors Are Shady, No Doubt

Man! The stories I have personally encountered within this last week are beyond imagination. Here’s just one thing that has happened to me this week.

-2004 I sell condo in a 30+ unit building, shortly after I sell two more in the same building

-2009 one of the neighbors calls my previous brokerage to ask me to list their condo

-Caller is told I no longer work there and call my new office

-Floor agent at current office, who answers the call, and who shall remain nameless says, “He doesn’t work here.”

-Caller says, “But I was told he does.”

-Shady agent says, “Why don’t I come take a look at your property? I can probably help.”

-Caller says, “No, I’d like to work with Alex as he’s sold a few units in this building.”

-Shady agent says, “Well, I could come over there soon. My office is just around the corner.”

-Caller asks, “Do you know how I can get in touch with Alex?”

-Shady agent continues to push the issue, caller hangs up, calls my past client, he refers her to, she calls me, we chat for 30 minutes about all sorts of things, she tells me the above story, we get a good laugh at some of the slime balls in our industry, and I’ll follow up with her in a month or two to potentially put her condo on the market.

Just some of the fun stuff we respectable agents deal with on a daily basis. Happy Friday!

5 thoughts on “Some Realtors Are Shady, No Doubt

  1. Just goes to show you stick with good people wherever they move. Relationships are about people and not companies.

  2. I think the name should be revealed. It’s not slander if it’s true. We buyers should know whom to avoid.

    -Gossip Girl

  3. Start your own real estate business. You and your site and newsletter are generating more business for you than Led Zephyr.

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