5 thoughts on “Loan Limits Raised To $729,750, It’s Official *

  1. Actually, that’s old news. It’s $729,000 I think is the amount from the previous $625,500 which was effective ever since April 4, 2009.

    1. Actually, it’s not old news. Some lenders already have loan products at this new level, which is $729,750, but many still do not. Wells Fargo will have this product on Monday (we’re told).

  2. Almighty1,

    The announcement was made, but the availability wasn’t there. Now we’re told that the actual lending will begin soon.

  3. Hmmm, interesting. When I talked to Wells Fargo back on April 8, 2009 – they said they already had it available. Metrocities was the one that told me it will be available on April 4, 2009 when I asked in March.

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