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Hi, just come across your site, very informative.

I’m trying to find TIC Fractional Lenders for a 3 unit + 1 unwarranted [unit] building in SF. We purchased it last October, have completed our renovations, 2 units will be owner occupied. We’re planning to go to Andy Sirkin to draw up a TIC agreement, and refinance hopefully with cash out. We now have a group loan @ 6.75%, no pre-pay penalty.

I heard Bank of Marin is out of the TIC market. How about Sterling and Circle, any other lenders available? Appreciate any info and recommendation. Thanks!


Thanks for your email and question. At this time we only know of Sterling Bank, and Ron Whitney at Zephyr real estate says that a “7×7 Group” also does Fractional TIC loans. Maybe the readers can provide further insight. Regardless, good luck and thanks for reading theFrontSteps.

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  1. Yes, 7×7 still has some ways to do fractional lending for you although the rates are better I think that they are more strict with lending restrictions. Their investors want their own inspection on the property too I think. Call Micky over there, he should be able to help. I could be way off.

  2. Hello, I manage a fractional resort and am interested in finding a fractional TIC lender to refer my buyers to. Any additional information you have for me would be great.

    Our 1/8th fractional interests are re-selling for approximately $40,000.

    Thanks in advance for your time.

    Take care,

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