Walkabout: Homes Along California’s Highway 1 (Pacific Coast Highway)

Those of you that have been reading theFrontSteps for a while know that we often get a case of Wanderlust and must cure the ailment by getting out of San Francisco and going Walkabout. Today, we take a little trip down Highway 1 (the most beautiful highway in the world) and discover some masterpieces fit for kings and surfers alike. Enjoying a taste for modern homes, mixed with a bit of old and natural charm is all you need.

Just a short drive down the coast over Devil’s Slide (soon to be through the tunnel) and you come to this great little one bedroom (do you really need more than that) house at 100 14th Street, Montara CA, $1,985,000 [Editor’s Note: If you saw this post an hour ago we actually had a picture of the Montara lighthouse, leading you to believe that was the house. Not the case…whoops!]:



Head on down the coast a bit further, climb into the hills, see the giant Redwoods, notice the increase of poison oak along the road and you get to one of the most beautiful stretches of coast in the world, Big Sur, and for $6,000,000 you could have this “Treadwell House”. This home was featured in Dwell Magazine, and it is oh so nice. (We can put you in touch with the agent, just drop us a line.):



If one of these homes is not enough for you, or you feel you need to be where there is more “action”, how about a trip way down to sunny Los Angeles and buying a home in the Hollywood Hills, right smack dab next to Ellen Degeneres. It will only set you back $3,295,000 and don’t forget it comes with a famous neighbor:



Phew! We made it all the way from San Francisco to Los Angeles in one day down the coast. Lots of great things to do and see on the way, but lots of great property porn to distract even the best driver. Either way, our Wanderlust is temporarily satisfied, and now it’s back to reality…

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3 thoughts on “Walkabout: Homes Along California’s Highway 1 (Pacific Coast Highway)

  1. 100 14th Street, Montara CA is one of the ugliest exteriors around! When can I move in! Pretty impressive.

    Also, the pic of the home with the lighthouse is the view, not the house for sale. A little misleading, :-)

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