We get all kinds of questions in every shape and size and this one has got to rank right up top with one of the most off the wall, but we love it nonetheless and will coddle it like one of our own:

Which Condo complex in the City has the nicest hallway color scheme, in your opinion?


One short answer…no frickin idea! We have seen so many condos, so many homes, so many different colors of paint in different rooms that they all blend together. But, we’re not looking at color palettes, we’re looking at numbers, size of rooms, location, proximity to public transport, and so on. Painting can easily change the look and feel of a home or building, so we always try to look past it. With that said, go neutral. Colors that are too wild one way or the other can bring down the overall feel and kill a deal the moment someone walks in the hallway. You might have a look at the Millennium Tower website for a good idea of what we think is a good choice.

Hope this helps. Guess we did have an idea after all (since you forced us to think about it).


  1. Ha, you’ve really been asked that on more than one occasion??? I was just in San Fran last week. Such a beautiful city, and actually ventured into quite a few condo complexes. But can’t say I noticed the color scheme of a single one.

  2. I’ve been to almost every condo South of Market (South Beach, Rincon Hill, Mission Bay, South Park and Central Soma). Here’s my breakdown from top to bottom. Seen the Millennium office and wont include it in this list until it gets built. I’ll also exclude 4 Seasons and St. Regis since it’s a hotel/condo building.

    #1) The Brannan. Still the #1 building in SOMA. Very good quality, sleek and modern.
    #2) 200 Brannan. Another building on Brannan. Very modern and has clean lines. They are in the process of revamping the interior, should it should get better.
    #3) Yerba Buena Lofts. The building has won multiple awards and you see design students trying to get into the lobby to take pics.
    #4) Infinity. When you pay $1M+, your lobby better be nice.
    #5) The Met. Lousy location but the lobby and hallways are top notch.
    #6) One Rincon Hill. Decent exterior, nice lobby, horrible location. Inside is nice. Close your eyes before you get to the driveway.

    Middle of the Road:
    Soma Grand
    88 King
    255 Berry
    88 Townsend

    Bottom of the Pits:
    170 Off 3rd
    The Hayes
    Symphony Towers
    Museum Park

    I’m sure I missed a few…

  3. Whoops. Missed the #1 Worst…

    The PALMS.

    This must be the worst in the city. Looks like a douche bar inside and out. Retro 80’s Miami with Versace.

  4. I suspect “anon” is “related” to the circa 2005 Brannan — trolls here and socketsite talking the same smack. his “competition” is likely The Palms. He’s a joke. The Brannan? Are you kidding?!!?)…Or is that Safeway? It’s hard to tell what differentiates their entrances. The Palms is great. Lobby is tasteful (practically every luxe condo in Miami is light years of AHEAD of SF re: design) and comfortable and especially dramatic at night. I sense he hasn’t been to One Rincon since it was a whole in the ground because the entry and grounds have no comparision to all the other condos in the city that simply hit the street. Infinity has two little lobbies, not as dramatic as one would expect. Missed Heritage on Fillmore, The Montgomery (liked the models there). Frankly, lobbies I’ve seen are generally are inline with the price of the homes and really don;t differentite all that much — but the two or more tower/section condos seem to have suffered being split. I would expect Millennium’s to be palace-like.

  5. grr, there’s a reason why there’s so many short sales / bank owned properties at the Palms. The market has spoken, and the Palms are the losers of the bunch.

    There’s 12 units for sale at the Palms right now. ZERO are in contract including 2 bank owned units. Just as many listings as the Beacon.

    Has there been a sale @ the Palms in the last 3 months? Let’s talk about pricing … ?

  6. I’m sorry Palms #530 just closed.

    Asking $500k.

    Sold $380k

    DOM: 150+

    Not good…

    grr, would you like to share what unit you are in? I could give you comps to see if you are +/- in your investment.

  7. Anon (speaks to your deception) — You quote a price for among worst (smallest, etc.) unit in a 400 home development as representative of something?!? You are a desperate Brannan hack. Frankly, The Brannan smells like rotting produce and booze and cigars from Giants fans. The lobbies there look like dental office waiting rooms. We love The Palms. Live there and will for a long time. Not flippers. Have a great home with a great view within walking distance to everything we need yet, thankfully, not on top of a grocery store or across from a train station. :)

  8. @ grr.

    Have you been to The Brannan. It’s not on top of the Safeway. That building is called the Beacon and that’s the closest comp to the Palms. Both buildings have the highest amount of foreclosures in all of SOMA. Both have over 10+ units and none are in contract. There’s currently 10 units at both buildings that are bank owned. I’m sure there’s more to come from both buildings. Both buildings have vacant commercial space on the ground floor.

    About the Brannan. Go google it. You’ll see in no ways does it compare to The Palms.

    Grr, can you tell me the last sale @ the Palms that people can use as an actual comp? Yes you are not a flipper. There’s no way you’ll be able to sell that unit in the next 15 years to make even. You can join your neighbors and give the unit back to the bank.

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