Ask Us: Citi Apartments Out, REF Properties In, Tenant Harassment Coming?

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Hi, my apartment recently changed ownership away from CitiApts to REF Properties, LLC. I did a search for REF on the web and there were only 3 or 4 results, one of which being your article here (Lembi’s New Year Resolution, Give Back).

I see now that this is the company that Citi is in debt to, and they have been given the properties.

My question is, what does this mean for the tenants of the buildings? I did the search to see if I could find anything about how REF treats their tenants, since Citi had such a horrible reputation. Are we looking forward to harassment, or is this company decent in the way it treats people? If you have any links to further info, or if you have seen their interactions before, I would really appreciate any info you may have!


Thanks for your question “R”. Unfortunately, we here at theFrontSteps do not personally have any involvement with either property management company, so can’t speak to any experiences good or bad. That said, we do have a few readers who read this blog daily and we get a fair bit of search word traffic, so maybe some other people out there can provide some insight.

4 thoughts on “Ask Us: Citi Apartments Out, REF Properties In, Tenant Harassment Coming?

  1. The ownership has changed, but did the PM change too?

    [Editor’s Note: From the article on Biz Times:

    “Lembi [previous owner] called the deal “a friendly transaction” and said his company will continue to operate the properties.”]

  2. Well if you Google I believe it was “Ref SF” with the Los Angeles address you are told to send your rent to you will find it is a recieving arm of I believe it was Royal Bank of Scotland. The bank wants the checks to go directly to them. Initially I had heard the all the people associated with the properties the bank took back at Citi-apartments were let go as was our worthless manager. We included letters in with our rent complaining of the management company. However after the takeover and Citi was no longer paying for services we found things fixed quickly. A new manager came in two weeks ago. SOUNDS GOOD…RIGHT? But wait word is yesterday that our building has switched management companies…the new manager who had signed on with Citi- two weeks earlier…which we had our questions about said he just signed papers with the new management company executive none other than Jim Nailer…that name sounded familiar…is he not one of Lembi’s higher up hinchmen…sited in numerous newspaper articles. I think so…I believe the new company starts with the letter A but will keep you posted…I think it is just another ruse to keep the tenants on the move to get them out in case the Lembi Family has a chance to pick up these buildings in the future if the economy picks up. I can’t believe Lembi would walk away from 51 of his properties so easy knowing there are no other buyers in the hunt right now. Word to the wise if your in one of these buildings that are being held by the bank…BE CAREFUL WHO YOU TALK TO…AND WHAT YOU SAY! You maybe talking to just another new name for yet another Lembi owned company. Once a crook always a crook!

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