Stolen Thunder: 2712 Broadway In Contract, What To Do?

You gotta love when you pick up some clients in the “price is not an issue” category (thanks to this blog mind you), a good opportunity like 2712 Broadway (7 bed, 5 bath, Gold Coast Single Family Home originally asking $9,495,000, immediately reduced to $7,750,000) comes along while your clients are on vacation and unreachable, and they come back and ask, “What happened?”


We know what we’re doing, what would you suggest?

Do you tell them:
( polls)

2712 Broadway [ listing detail]

2 thoughts on “Stolen Thunder: 2712 Broadway In Contract, What To Do?

  1. First, congrats on the new client.

    Second, can’t beat yourself up on this one. And your clients shouldn’t hound you either.

    Third, I think you need to get in touch with the in-crowd and offer up some incentive to show you a few pocket listings. The steal would have been to find this place pre-MLS and cut a deal. There are a number of sideline properties.

    Fourth, and most creatively, I’d post up a specific thread here asking for leads on pocket listings of a certain $MM variety. Could very well lead to 2 sided deal, or at least you could find a seller who might want to save 3% on a $8M transaction by dealing with your buyer directly through you. I suspect more housewives, homemakers, and homeowners in D7 read this site and might very well ring you up. :-)

  2. There’s gonna be more such as this one. OK, maybe not on Broadway. They knew this house needed a lot of work, right?

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