Two “Bernal” properties, a block or two apart

55 Murrray street. Closed escrow Friday for 864K

127 Milton Street, bank owned and listed for $319.9K

I put “Bernal” in quotes even though I dislike the snarkiness with which that reads/looks on a web page. The thing is tho, these two houses aren’t really Bernal Heights if you ask me. They’re St. Mary’s Park and Outer Mission. Regardless, you can darn near throw a frisbee from one and hit the other (well maybe an Aerobie.)

Murray is in an area that is still seeing 2006 – 2007 type sales numbers, right now. For those who do not know, it’s waaaay down on the southern end of Bernal Heights. I like St. Mary’s park. The streets have a nice suburban feel to them, and the homes are attractive and well built. However its relative strength is a definite oddity at this juncture, as I’m sure even the most jaded bearish observor of SF r.e. would admit.

So compare with Milton. Heck, the similar facades invite comparison. Milton happens to be located in a neighborhood that’s sort of between neighborhoods, and cut up by a couple busy streets. It’s a fixer. It’s tenant occupied. It’s smaller (864 feet to 1325, are what the tax records indicate I believe). But still ….

3 thoughts on “Two “Bernal” properties, a block or two apart

  1. great ‘comparison'(i too, hate quotes :-) because i was suprised by the super low price of the milton house. this is the perfect place for the person who does not need RE affirmation from casual people when they state where they live.

    i agree that murray and the st. mary’s park area is a little oasis (especially being a frisbee throw away from crappy cresent st.) but shit, if people think THAT area is obscure, then the weird triangle between the freeway and san jose ave (where milton is) might as well be siberia of bernal/mish! which is why someone who does not need the coolness/confirmation ofliving is a recognizeable hood, could do well w/that house. but it is a bit wanna be: i imagine you would do most of your hanging out in the glen park village a few blocks away, and as you sip your latte and chat w/people, you have to fess up that you live ‘somewhere down there’ below the bart station. still, $320k and 100-150k renovations, greta opp for a real SFH in SF.

    but, i doubt a developer would want to risk trying to sell a renovated home in siberia. so again, for the adventerous homeowner.

  2. I saw the Milton property on Sunday. Bad location (unless you enjoy being lulled to sleep by freeway sounds) and the house is well, gross. Cheap though if you don’t mind putting lots of cash into renovating the entire thing, inside and out.

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