3 thoughts on “Woah! That was a jolt of an earthquake!

  1. Mrs. Fluj and I were sitting in the top row of the mezzanine at the Curran watching this http://www.springawakening.com/home.php when it hit. You want to talk about weird. It was the last song right before intermission, a really somber number. I’m pretty sure the cast didn’t notice a thing. But right after it hit the whole mood of the audience changed … it was palpable. Then as soon as they finished, instead of applause, everyone started talking to one another. Bizzarre.

  2. Woke up my baby girl, but my dog slept right through it. Knew it wasn’t a big deal because my dog didn’t wake up and bark at it like the last one which was around a 5 if I recall.

  3. felt it here in Noe V. one strong jolt to the house. scared Rocky the cat; shot out of his climbing perch like a bullet.

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