God I love Your Mama

There is just so much real estate porn out there these days it makes our head spin. Some is obviously better than others and all the “tips on buying/selling a home in this market” are just plain “tawred” (We get that right Your Mama?), but one site continues to shine and keep us coming back for more…Real Estalker. What got us this time is Your Mama’s disclaimer (classic lines bolded):

The Real Estalker is a clearing house for information about high-end and celebrity real estate with a little gossip tossed in for fun. Posts are created by culling and synthesizing information from multiple sources including public records, other blogs, magazines, newspapers, and often, some good old-fashioned investigation. Published content may include inaccurate information and no claims of accuracy by Your Mama can or should be taken seriously. And babies, this blog is NOT meant to be a celebrity map to the stars. It is intended to be a tongue-in-cheek, voyeuristic, online experience only. Your Mama asks that you do not chase down, visit, or disturb any person or property posted here. Hunny, that would only make you an asshole. Seriously. This blog is meant to be in the spirit of good fun and we hope you take it that way. Additionally, The Real Estalker makes no claims to the sale-ablility, structural integrity and etc. of the homes we discuss. We are simply sharing our sarcastic opinions of properties and anyone who would be influenced in regards to purchasing a house based on this blog is stoopid.

Your Mama, did you copyright that or can we use it in our disclaimer too? Especially those last couple of lines? Oh damn, we don’t have a disclaimer!

Real Estalker [www.realestalker.blogspot.com]

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