CondoDomain slapped with MLS hand (of law) for providing basic data

This is certainly not new news to me, as I’ve had to deal with these very issues (not being allowed to show sold comps to my readers unless they register first), with sfnewsletter, and Kevin Boer in the comments on this post says it right:

Here’s what’s ironic: You guys are in the industry, so you have to abide by MLS rules. That means your consumers have to log in to get, for instance, property addresses.

But if these same consumers head over to, they can find property addresses without logging in.

Ergo … MLS rules make their clients within the industry less competitive than folks outside the industry.

Tell me if this makes any sense!

Kevin, it makes absolutely no sense, and why on Earth would MLS continue to hinder those of us actually in the industry trying to do right by providing some transparency in this all too clouded world of real estate data?

(I probably should have just commented on the thread, but thought it worthy of a post.)

CondoDomain gets slapped [Boston Condo Domain Blog]

One thought on “CondoDomain slapped with MLS hand (of law) for providing basic data

  1. Nuts isn’t it? This is so dramatically wrong that I am confident (with the help of all of us bloggers) this ruling will be heard at the higher power and corrected immediately.

    There is absolutely no reason to have dual standards here or if any, the more lenient standard would be for us industry brokers?

    Or am I just missing something here?

    Until then I am bring our Boston site up to compliance (and paying for it too) errrrr…

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