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I have a new gig at, and I hope you’ll join me there from time to time. I still expect to do the lion’s share of my writing here and on sfnewsletter, but this sounded like an opportunity I shouldn’t pass up.

Check it out, and as always, help spread the word.

[Update: Ugly mug idn’t it…]

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3 thoughts on “Check me out on

  1. Alex – I wanted to say the opposite. at least you’re photo makes you “just normal’ – unlike the divas and other agents whose face is 3 times the size of the property photo on a flyer. A normal person not using the Realtor job as an ersatz for a failed Holywood career.

    Just practice your poker face for when your prospective clients will realize how hot you are at the first meeting ;-)

    Anyway, I really liked your paragraph. It really represent you and your passion for information.

    [Editor’s note: Merci beaucoup!]

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