Wait, there’s more! (1953 Grove)

If it’s not the spiral staircase that sells it for you on 1953 Grove


maybe this reader’s account will:

Hello lovely Frontsteps, [Thank you! We feel loved.]

This unit (1953 Grove) went on the market recently. I live [nearby], and this past weekend I attended a “soft” open house, where I toured the residence while the renters hung out and prepared for a party (no kidding; there was tons of beer in the kitchen and some girl cutting up vegetables, too).

I was appalled at 1) the mess. The renters were there, lounging about, with clothes strewn everywhere and beer cans in the windows. The kitchen was full of trash, and it was evident that the unit hadn’t been cleaned in quite some time. And 2) the price! 1.1M for this lower-level 3 bedroom? There was nothing special about it, and I think whoever buys it will need to totally redo the floors, repaint everywhere, and update the bathrooms. There have been other, much nicer units for sale in the area at a lower asking price. Thoughts? Am I bonkers or just missing something?

PS- the pictures posted on the MLS are from over three years ago.

Personally, I have not seen the unit yet, so can’t comment, but maybe some readers can.

1953 Grove [listing detail]

2 thoughts on “Wait, there’s more! (1953 Grove)

  1. I’ve seen the unit (I also live in the neighborhood) and your reader’s description is entirely fair: the condition in which they are showing the place is appalling, and the way it’s been treated by the college-age renters is unfortunate. The place will need $50K of repair work to bring up to a decent standard. Even worse, the remodels on the bathrooms and the kitchen have been done in a low quality manner. Bringing those up to the speed expected of a million dollar place would cost another $100K, I’m guessing. The kitchen and dining room are dark and small.

    The upside is the place has a lot of space, and is in an up-and-coming neighborhood. Similar places that don’t need work have sold for $1.3m recently, so I don’t think the price is completely out of line.

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