Comment du Jour: When Zestimates randomly drop $600,000

Although we’ve recently made friends with the folks at Zillow, that doesn’t mean we can’t bust their chops. We still applaud their innovation.

From “Sleepiguy in “Zanic! Zillow releases Q4 home value report and San Francisco is up 3.6%?”

I stopped paying attention to Zillow when my home’s Zillow value decreased randomly by $600k one week while my neighbor’s houses showed significant increases.

Adding to it, James’ reply:

What did you do sleepiguy? Paint it bright purple?

So who’s got a photo of a nice purple house in the city? Send it to [email protected].

2 thoughts on “Comment du Jour: When Zestimates randomly drop $600,000

  1. hahaha… No I did NOT paint my house purple. I hope it was some glitch in their software. I went back to Zillow after the previous thread and noticed that my house information was deleted altogether, which is fine with me!

  2. Zillow has reZed my house quite a few times. Fair enough. None of it makes much sense to me. However what really galls me is that the historic graph doesnt reflect the changes. Also, a house just sold in my hood for 1.8. It had a Z value of 2.2 Then when the sale was acknowledged the Z changed to 1.75. Nowhere in the graph of house prices was the old 2.2 price.

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