1. I love pocket listings. Good luck moving this one. Looks nice and priced right. Why don’t you put this on the marketplace tab with some more details such as sqft? Also, as much as I love the pocket listing concept it would probably behoove you (or the seller) to disclose either the buyer’s agent commission, or even better, buyer discount (ala redfin). Huge market opportunity here.

  2. Good points Eddy. The buyer commission is good allure. That said, with such little activity, hopefully a buyer’s agent will hustle and be motivated to do whatever is possible.

    If anybody is wondering about Tahoe this weekend, it’s going to be PACKED! It’s already packed here at The Resort given the Jeep sponsored SUPER PIPE and SNOWBOARDCROSS competition here at Squaw. There’s also The Roots and Crystal Method playing at The Village at Squaw too. Oh yeah, and it’s nice and sunny and the base is HUGE!

    Ahh, I love retirement life. Hope everybody is surviving these stock markets!


  3. BOOOOO! Put it in the damn MLS – what’s the point of keeping it out of the MLS. You wanna bet this ends up in the MLS?

    $5.00 dollars says it appears in the MLS on or around March 1st with Zero days on market.

  4. Damn that exterior is UGLY. Could of sworn I saw this place or another one among these buildings 9-12 mos ago on the MLS or craigslist for less.

  5. Some facts:

    Unit # 401 / 1369sqft / $678 per square foot if sold for list price. Unit last sold in May ’05 for 869K. Not much money to be made at 929K – after real estate commisions the owner is breaking even – barely. (assuming 5% commission – owner makes 12K)

    Most recent comp is #203 – same floor plan, sold in October of ’07 for $870K – $633 per square foot.

    Should be interesting to track and see if it ends up on MLS and if it does, for what price.

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