Chelsea Park coming, this time with pricing

As we reported not too long ago, Chelsea Park, a new development located in Mission Dolores at 3620 19th Street and 29 Oakwood is coming soon…as in this weekend. We’re happy to tell you, we have a tiny bit more information for you.


[Bloomsbury floor plan pictured. Image courtesy of]

Of the 39 units coming to market, they’re only releasing 7 this weekend, all of which we’re told are in the Bloomsbury building located on Oakwood Street. The units are priced from $729,000 for a large one bedroom, up to $1,269,000 for a large 3 bedroom. (We’re confirming that there is a 3br in the Bloomsbury, as it is not listed on their floor plan on their website.) A “nice sized” 2 bedroom starts at $899,000.

Beyond that, 5 of the total 39 units will be offered at BMR.

5 thoughts on “Chelsea Park coming, this time with pricing

  1. So when would be a good time to buy into this place? All these condos coming on the market as the its starting to soften. Thoughts?

  2. Not knowing a thing about you or your personal/financial situation, there is no way we can answer the “when would be a good time to buy” question with any sort of conviction. Trying to time a market is tricky, especially in San Francisco.

    According to our sources there has been quite a bit of interest for this development, so it’s anybody’s guess. We wouldn’t rush in and write offers above asking, but we also wouldn’t drag our feet if you are interested either. Go take a look at them this weekend, and if you like them, feel free to ask us more.

  3. Thanks for your reply and fair commentary. Do you have an opinion on which buildings in Chelsea Park development will be the nicest/higher end finishes and design? 29 Oakwood or the ones on 19th? The townhomes imbetween the two condo buildings that I saw on curbed SF were not much to write home about so I have already ruled those out.

  4. We’ll have another look at them on Tuesday (time permitting) and get back to you then. Feel free to contact us directly, [email protected], should you have more questions as it is really difficult to keep up with, let alone read, all the comments on this site.

  5. PB,

    I sent you an email, but it bounced. Please provide us the correct one.

    19th street and Oakwood will both have the same quality of finishes, so it comes down to your personal tastes as to the location.

    There was another reader that inquired about pets.

    There is a 2 pet maximum and there is no size limitation.


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