San Francisco “needs to Harden the F*** up.”

We thought we’d take the time to introduce you all to “Chopper”, who’d like Australians to quit being so soft. We got to thinking, what if you substitute when he says, “Australia” with San Francisco? It fits quite nicely.

San Francisco, it’s time to “Harden the F*** up”.

[Editor’s note: If you can’t get a laugh from this video, lighten the f*** up.]

9 thoughts on “San Francisco “needs to Harden the F*** up.”

  1. “I can’t sell my house today for more than what I paid two years ago.” :-(

    Yeah, well you better “harden the f*ck up”.

    Best clip EVER!

  2. “Rincon Hill looks like such an eyesore.”

    Yeah, well you better “harden the f*ck up”, because it is here to stay…and I bought a unit there and my views are amazing!

  3. “I chose to rent instead of buy 5 years ago, and I totally missed the boat.”

    Yeah? “Harden the f*** up.” It was your own stupid decision.

  4. well… SF you’re on the right path, now just remember when you walk past a homeless person, tell ’em… SF is f#cked the f@ck up because of prisses like you, so “harden the f*ck up” and i’ll move back from NYC and life will be beautiful again!!

  5. Today on my commute to the office via muni, this laddy was complaining on her cell phone loud enough for everyone to hear that she didn’t get enough sleep last night because she’s afraid she’ll lose some deal. I was so tempted to say, “harden the f*** up.”

    agree with “sell now”. Best clip ever!

  6. “Our house is underwater and we aren’t going to be able to make money off it in 2 years of ownership.”

    Harden the Fuck Up stupid housing speculator. Be glad you’ve got a rood over your head!

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