A Hot Property and Great Quote

by Alex Clark

From a reader, who I like to refer to as “El Dunno” regarding my mention in today’s San Francisco Chronicle Business section:

san francisco chronicle

Good Job, you made the Chronicle. I read about your Firehouse analysis.

Too bad you weren’t quoted about your opinion of the value of the property if it were utilized as a hydroponic grow house.

Had she (Carolyn Said, the reporter, not “El Dunno”, the reader) asked me about that, $3.3M would certainly be a good price.

There is also a lesson here on staging and making your property look top-notch, especially, if you want a top-notch price.

-For more on the Ocean View district, where this firehouse is located, read sfnewsletter’s take in the Tour de San Francisco (real estate). [tdsf.blogspot.com]

Will S.F. fire tour business turn into a hot property? [San Francisco Chronicle]

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